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Language Arts / Literacy

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Kindergarten Newsletter:

Reading and Writing Handbook for High School Students

During the month of December 1999, students received their own personal copies of The Reading and Writing Handbook for High School Students. This handbook will serve as an instructional tool and as a powerful resource to support student literacy. Students will be expected to keep and to use their copies throughout their high school careers. Teachers in all curricular areas will expect students to carry the handbooks with them to class. This year the handbooks will be given to every student in every grade level in high school. In subsequent years, only ninth graders and students new to the District will receive them. Please be sure that your student takes care of the handbook because students who misplace or damage the handbook will be expected to pay for their own replacements.

Contents of this three-hole punched, 108 page booklet include:

  • Strategies for Reading Fiction and Nonfiction Texts
  • Strategies for Determining the Meaning of Words in Context and Using Prefixes, Roots, etc.
  • Strategies for Taking Standardized Tests
  • How to Take Lecture Notes
  • Essay Writing Including Several Helpful Check Lists
  • Social and Business Writing
  • Writing a Research Paper (Sample Included)
  • A Complete Reference for Correcting Punctuation, Usage, Spelling, and Capitalization
  • Assignment and Manuscript Form
  • Handwriting
  • Proofreading Symbols

As you can see, the handbook supports the Language Arts Standards and helps students with cross-curricular assignments and both standardized and performance tests. It will also serve as a resource to you as you help your student with research or writing issues. Ask you student to show you the handbook so that you can see how the two of you can use it as a reference.

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