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Program Assistance for Language Minority Students - Home

Carta de bienvenida a DELAC

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Kindergarten Festivals 2010

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Assistant Superintendent, OCIPD

1515 Hughes Way
Long Beach, CA   90810
(562) 997-8031

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We believe that all English learners can acquire English and achieve high academic success. English learners have the right to learn English in a stimulating, nurturing environment with instruction based on valid and reliable research which promotes high academic success and enhances positive self-esteem. A program of simultaneous academic instruction appropriate to the students’ level of English-language proficiency provides equal access to the core curriculum. The students’ personal identities and cultural experiences serve as a foundation for building tolerance, respect, and the desire to be productive individuals.

PALMS Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Program Assistance for Language Minority Students is to promote English-language proficiency and high academic achievement, and ensure equal access to education for English learners.

PALMS' Guiding Principles

  • We maintain high expectations for the academic achievement and English-language development of all English learners.
  • We address the varied needs of our English learners by differentiating and scaffolding instruction.
  • We design, evaluate, and revise, as necessary, programs for English learners that allow for various ways of learning and time needed to achieve proficiency.
  • We make sure that parents /guardians of English learners know and understand the district’s policies, programs, and practices regarding their children and are actively involved in their children’s education and the school community.
  • We provide all educators who work with English learners with opportunities to develop knowledge and skills to address the needs of those students at school
  • We acknowledge the importance of and support English learners’ development of self-identity and self-efficacy
  • We are knowledgeable and current in state and federal mandates and continuously seek out best practices related to English learner education.

Long Beach Unified School District • 1515 Hughes Way, Long Beach CA 90810 • (562) 997-8000 • www.lbschools.net