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Research: Testing

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State-Wide Tests

The district administers a broad array of assessments during the course of the academic year. Some of these tests are statewide and mandatory, such as the Stanford 9 achievement tests, some are statewide and optional, like the Golden State Examinations, and others are assessments developed and administered within the district. The links below are presented in three sections: State-Wide Tests, District-Wide Tests and College Prep/Placement Tests.

Standardized Testing and Reporting Program (STAR)

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The Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program is an important part of the state assessment system. STAR testing is Administered annually in the spring in grades two through eleven. Tests in the STAR Program measure how well students in California public schools are learning the knowledge and skills identified in the California content standards. The STAR Program for 2007 includes five test components:

  • The California Standards Tests (CSTs) measure the achievement of state content standards in English-language arts, mathematics, science, and history-social science.
  • The California Achievement Tests, Sixth Edition (CAT/6 Survey) are nationally norm-referenced tests that measure the achievement of general academic knowledge in core subject areas and provide national comparisons (for grades three and seven only).
  • The California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA) was developed as an alternate assessment for students who have significant cognitive disabilities and cannot take the CSTs even with accommodations or modifications.
  • The Standards-based Tests in Spanish (STS) have been developed for Spanish-speaking English learners and measure the achievement of state content standards in reading-language arts and mathematics in Spanish (for grades two, three, and four in 2007).
  • The Aprenda, La prueba de logros en español, Tercera edición (Aprenda 3) is a nationally norm-referenced achievement test of general academic knowledge in Spanish for Spanish-speaking English learners (for grades five through eleven in 2007).

California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE)


The primary purpose of the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) is to significantly improve pupil achievement in public high schools and to ensure that pupils who graduate from public high schools can demonstrate grade level competency in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Beginning with the class of 2006, all public school students must pass the exam to earn a High School Diploma.

California English Language Development Test (CELDT)

The CELDT has three primary purposes as follows: (1) Identify students who are English Learners (EL), (2) Determine their level of English proficiency, (3) Assess their progress toward acquiring English proficiency in listening,reading,speaking, and writing.

Physical Fitness Testing (PFT)

PFT logo

The State Board of Education designated the FITNESS GRAM® as the PFT for students in California public schools. The FITNESS GRAM® is a comprehensive, health-related physical fitness battery developed by The Cooper Institute. The primary goal of the FITNESS GRAM® is to assist students in establishing lifetime habits of regular physical activity.

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