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Demographics - School Level from District Reports

This page is intended to facilitate access to detailed Demographics data about the district and to other information that is frequently requested of our office

Dropout Rates

Racial Ethnic Report (Student Enrollment)

Language Census Results (R-30)

The Language Census (LC) is an annual school-level data collection that takes place in March. The Language Census collects the following data elements:

  1. Number of English Learner (EL) students (formerly known as limited-English-Proficient (LEP)) and Fluent English-proficient (FEP) students in California public schools (K-12) by grade and primary language other than English.
  2. Number of EL students enrolled in specific instructional settings or services by type of setting or service.
  3. Number of students redesignated from EL to FEP from the prior year.
  4. The type of oral language assessment instrument used.
  5. The number of bilingual staff providing instructional services to EL students by primary language of instruction.

The links below are to our reports of the data collected in March 2007

School Accountability Report Cards

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