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Coordinated Student Services

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Office of School Support Services

Crises Coordination

Crises Coordination

The Long Beach Unified School District has a district-wide crisis response team that is available to assist schools in the event of a crisis that requires more resources than a school sight has available. The district team is made up of school psychologists, school social workers, school counselors, and school nurses. All members of the team have received extensive school crisis response training. Team members are all stationed at various school sites and are called in when there is a crisis event. The team is activated through administrator request only.

Some of the activities of the district crisis response team include, but are not limited to, psychological first-aid, immediate coping counseling, teacher consultation, and administrative support.

For question regarding the LBUSD crisis response team, please contact
, Director of Coordinated Student Services.

Long Beach Unified School District • 1515 Hughes Way, Long Beach CA 90810 • (562) 997-8000 • www.lbschools.net