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Special Education

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School Attendance "Where will my child attend school?"

  • If your child has a IEP from another school district and you are new to the Long Beach Unified School District, you should first enroll your child at the "school of residence" based upon your home address. When you enroll, please provide a copy of your child's current IEP and complete our Interim Placement Request Form. Resouce Specialist Programs (RSP) and Speech & Language Services are available at every school; Special Day Classes (SDC) are only at certain sites. If you child requires a placement that is not available at your school of residence, you will be contacted by the special education office with your child's interim placement.
  • The LBUSD offiers "School of Choice", which means that you may apply for your child to attend a school other than their school of residence. Acceptance of your child at another school is based upon student openings and special education programs at that site. General Education "School of Choice" applications are available at all schools within the district; Special Day Class "School of Choice" applications are available through the Special Education Office.

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