Early Registration Discount

  • Take $10.00 off per session only if full payment is received on or before April 24.

  • No split payments.

  • Early registration fee is $280.00 per class per child.


Early Registration

Payment schedule per single child enrolled

Pay in full before April 18

(early discount applies)

Sessions 1 or 2


Sessions 1 and 2


  Sibling Discount
  • Does not apply to the first child in the family.

  • Take $10. off per class for registration of 2nd, 3rd child, etc. in the same family.

  • If both early and sibling discounts apply, the fee is $270 per class per 2nd child, 3rd child, etc.

  • All registration forms must be sent in the same envelope for the discounts to apply.


Examples of Sibling Discount

with Early Discount

Full payment received

on or before April 24

(early discount applies)


1st class

2nd class

Use the chart to figure the payment for each child.  Add the payments and send a check for the total.

1st child



2nd child



3rd child



Please Note:

If you have any questions at all relating to payments, please feel 
free to call us at (562) 595-8893 ext. 462
Email: vroberts@lbschools.net