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The Office of Business Engagement & Strategic Partnerships (BE&SP) collaborates with LBUSD teachers, staff, and administrators to connect students to a variety of career events and activities that bring relevancy to their coursework and provide real-world applications. Business Partners make these experiences possible through high school internships, work site tours, industry chats, mock interviews, guest speakers, and other special career events.


Teacher & Staff Interest Form 

If you are interested in partnering on a career activity or event, please fill out the Teacher & Staff Interest Form below. This information will help us identify custom opportunities and better prepare to meet your classroom, pathway or program needs.  

While we may not always have the resources to meet your specific needs, please know we will always do our best to fulfill your request.  

  Teacher & Staff Interest Form

Did you know?

The Office of Business Engagement & Strategic Partnerships (BE&SP) connects you with Business Partners who provide quality career-linked learning experiences for students. We support and prepare our partners as well as provide you with the necessary resources to help ensure students get the most out of the experience.  

Business Partners can also help teachers in various Pathways and content areas deepen their understanding of current industry trends and innovations, which they can incorporate into their lessons. 

BE&SP supports your work-based learning requests through the summer and full calendar year.

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