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About Educare

At Educare Los Angeles at Long Beach, we are constantly evaluating our program and use the resulting data to inform site-wide and classroom practices in order to strive for better child and family outcomes. 

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  Educare - Staff

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility

(562) 422-6618 x.261 Principal, Educare Los Angeles At Long Beach

(562) 422-6618 x.262 Program Specialist, Educare

(562) 422-6618 x.292 Mentoring Supervisor, Preschool Educare

(562) 422-6618 x.259 Mentoring Supervisor, Early Educare

(562) 422-6618 x.260 Mentoring Supervisor, Early & Preschool Educare

(562) 422-6618 x.289 Mentoring Supervisor, Early Educare

(310) 707-3194 Director, Public Affairs

(562) 997-8227 Local Evaluation Partner; Strategic Data Project Analyst

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