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STAR Schools Make Significant Strides

The Board of Education recently recognized 10 elementary schools with STAR Awards for significant gains in student achievement.

This year’s winners are Burnett, Burroughs, Carver, Cleveland, Fremont, Gant, International, Lafayette, Naples and Prisk elementary schools.

The STAR Award (Student success Terrific teaching Academic Results) is based upon four critical components:

• Tripling the state Academic Performance Index growth target;

• Meeting or exceeding federal Adequate Yearly Progress criteria;

• Advancing the achievement of the lowest performing sub-group of students at the school;

• Advancing the achievement of English Language Learners at the school.

Winning schools exhibited “high expectations for students, teaching that is focused on rigor and differentiation, collaboration, ongoing parent communication, reflective staff and strong school leadership,” said Jill Baker, assistant superintendent for elementary schools.