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National Center Spotlights LBUSD

A recent report by the National Center for Educational Achievement highlights effective math and science practices in the Long Beach Unified School District, including instructional methods at Hill Classical Middle School and International Elementary School.

The report, “Core Practices in Math and Science: An Investigation of Consistently Higher Performing School Systems in Five States,” notes practices that have led to higher than expected performance at Hill, International and throughout the district.

Among the findings:

• Curriculum development is collaborative and needs-driven.

• Internal leadership development helps retain staff and builds a pipeline with strong instructional leaders.

• Collegial collaboration is prevalent and provides teachers with further opportunities to develop professionally.

• Common instructional practices in the district emphasize addressing state standards and engaging all students.

• District administrators practice data-driven program monitoring.  Data used are wide-ranging.

• Parents in the district have many opportunities to get involved in monitoring their children’s performance.  Through communication, district educators enable parents to participate in monitoring their children’s performance.

• Intervention for lower performing schools and struggling teachers centers on mobilizing district resources and support.

• Early and focused intervention is available to help struggling students stay on track.

• Long-range academic goals embraced by educators throughout the Long Beach Unified School District focus on providing students with the foundation and opportunities required for college and career readiness.

Since 1999, the National Center for Educational Achievement has studied more than 500 public schools across the nation in an effort to disseminate effective practices.  In this case, NCEA focused on practices in California, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan andTexas.

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