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Local Leaders Form Education Coalition

Local leaders and educators from Long Beach joined forces last week to announce the formation of Unite for Education – Long Beach.  The coalition will work on strategies to protect schools from further state budget cuts through a broad-based community effort.

“Enough is enough,” said Christopher J. Steinhauser, superintendent of schools.  “We potentially have cut, when it’s all said and done, up to $150 million in five years.”

Joining in the announcement were the Teachers Association of Long Beach, the California School Employee Association, Mayor Bob Foster, the PTA and leaders of Long Beach City College and Cal State Long Beach, among others.

“The new state budget has stripped millions from our local schools,” said Mike Day, president of the Teachers Association of Long Beach.  “Our state already ranks 47th in education funding.  These new cuts to our entire public education system will impact a generation of children and young adults and escalate California’s race to the bottom in education funding.  Now is the time for the Long Beach community to come together and say the cuts stop here.”

Also speaking at the event, held at Hill Classical Middle School, were Assemblyman Warren Furutani and Mary Brown, president of the Long Beach School Employees Association.