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Official Enrollment Passes 91,000 Mark

Timely construction--including a new school for 1,000 students plus 100 new portable classrooms installed at various schools during the summer--has enabled the Long Beach Unified School District to keep up with its continuing steady enrollment growth. This fall, the official enrollment at the end of one month of school stood at 91,370, up from 89,408 a year ago. If 1,000 students at Options for Youth Charter School are included, that’s nearly a 3,000-student increase, which has been typical each year for the past decade. Unlike last fall, no classes had to meet in outdoor patios, school libraries and auditoriums for several weeks when school opened. Approximately 100 more kindergartners enrolled this fall, which is an indication the district’s enrollment will continue to climb. The largest schools at each level in the district are now Grant Elementary School, with 1,556 students; Hamilton Middle School, 1,640; and Millikan High School, 4,353. Steady enrollment gains occurred at all grade levels. Local high schools enrolled 883 more students this fall--up 221 students per grade. Middle school enrollment increased 667 students--up 222 per grade--and elementary, 1,338 students--up 223 per grade. The balance of the increase was at Education Partnership High School and CAMS. Not included in this year’s official enrollment tally are approximately 1,000 high school students attending Options for Youth Charter School. That school, now chartered under the Hacienda La Puente School District, holds many of its classes here. Last year, all of its 951 students were counted in the district’s enrollment.