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Berkeley Study Touts LBUSD Training

A recent study by UC Berkeley-based Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) praises the Long Beach Unified School District’s leadership development programs, noting LBUSD’s efforts to identify and nurture potential school leaders within the organization.

The study, “Leaders for California Schools,” examines the challenges that California must overcome to recruit, hire, train and retain strong and talented principals.

Long Beach’s leadership development plan features four key components: Teacher Leadership, Aspiring Principals, Induction (targeting administrators in their first few years leading LBUSD schools) and In-service (targeting all LBUSD administrators).

Though LBUSD’s plan has been scaled back significantly due to budget cuts, the study says “this leadership development program enables the Long Beach Unified School District to identify talent from within its teaching force and to prepare these individuals for the challenges of leadership in LBUSD.  It emphasizes critical points in a school leader’s development   – especially the first few years – while simultaneously recognizing that strong school leadership demands lifelong learning.”

When the Broad Foundation named LBUSD as a finalist for the 2009 Broad Prize for Urban Education, it cited LBUSD’s hiring and development of effective principals as key “best practices” that can be emulated by other districts.

PACE was founded in 1983 as a cooperative venture between Stanford University and the University of California (Berkeley and Davis).  It is an independent policy research center whose primary aim is to enrich education policy debate with sound analysis and hard evidence.