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Students Mail Letters, Treats to Troops

Students at Hudson K-8 School sent some holiday cheer to U.S. troops overseas recently by mailing more than 200 handwritten letters of encouragement and appreciation.

“I’m proud to be writing to someone who loves this country so much that you would risk your life.  I’m in the eighth grade and I’m glad to be learning about U.S. history,” wrote a Hudson student named Jourdan.  “I’m sure you will miss spending Christmas in America but you should be proud of yourself for having so much courage.”

Hudson’s PTA helped with the letter writing campaign, delivering the letters to the non-profit Operation Gratitude in Encino.  Learn more at

Earlier this year, Prisk Elementary School students donated their Halloween candy for troops in Iraq.  Prisk collected more than 20 large boxes of candy, and an international shipping company delivered the packages for free.