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Manager Furloughs to Mitigate Layoffs

Most managers and other non-represented employees here will take three unpaid furlough days next school year, saving $1.2 million.   The school board OK’d the furloughs as part of a third round of budget cuts this week.

Office supervisors will take two furlough days because they have unique schedules and could otherwise lose retirement service credits.  About 60 managers, including psychologists, will not be affected by the furloughs because their work schedules have already been reduced this school year.

The furloughs come after an Association of Long Beach Educational Managers and Confidential Employees survey showed that more than 74 percent of managers here supported furloughs to mitigate layoffs, while less than 11 percent favored job cuts as a means of saving money.  See the full survey results at

Along with the furloughs, the school board OK’d the elimination of high school summer sports clinics.  The school board also decided to modify sports schedules at Wilson and Millikan high schools due to their block schedules, so that some sports classes would meet every other day like other classes.  The school district was considering moving high school sports outside the school day to save money but ultimately decided against that change.