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Middle, K-8 Schools Honored for Gains

Eighteen local middle and K-8 schools earned awards from the Long Beach Unified School District this week for significant growth in academic achievement.  The district’s Office of Middle and K-8 Schools recognized each of the winners at a Board of Education meeting.

The Pyramid Awards recognize the cooperative efforts of parents, school staff, the principal and students.

Highest Honors went to 10 schools that showed these significant gains in student achievement: met state Academic Performance Index targets; met federal Adequate Yearly Progress criteria in English, math and API; or received special state recognition and honors.

Earning Highest Honors this year were Muir, Hudson, Hill, Hughes, Tincher, Bancroft, Stanford, Cubberley, Rogers and Newcomb schools.

Eight schools earned special recognition for meeting or exceeding API targets, with API gains ranging from 24 to 36 points (on a scale of 1,000) in a single year.  These schools included Lindsey, Franklin, Washington, DeMille, Marshall, Burcham, Hamilton and Jefferson.