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200 Jobs At Stake in TALB Bargaining

The Long Beach Unified School District issued 1,019 notices of potential layoff to certificated employees by the March 15 deadline, a move prompted by the state’s ongoing budget cuts to public schools.

In negotiations with the Teachers Association of Long Beach, the school district has proposed three furlough days and contributions to health benefits in an effort to save at least 200 teaching (not administrative) jobs for the 2010-11 school year.  

Statewide, nearly 22,000 layoff notices have been issued to teachers and other staff this year, the California Department of Education reports.

In Long Beach, the school board had OK’d notices for 783 positions, but 1,019 notices ultimately were required in part because some positions are shared by more than one employee, and because uncertainties regarding the number of teachers retiring, resigning and returning from leave mean that the school district must issue enough notices to allow it the flexibility needed to balance its budget.