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Layoff Hearings Begin for Teachers

A series of public hearings on layoffs for hundreds of teachers and other certificated employees here began this week as the May 15 deadline for final layoff notices loomed.

More than 1,000 certificated employees, mostly teachers, received preliminary layoff notices last month due to the state’s ongoing multi-billion-dollar cuts to public education.  That number of notices was reduced recently to 849 after the school district rescinded 170 of the layoff letters.  The rescissions came after the school district confirmed it could use federal funding to reduce the impact of layoffs, and after the district received new information about retirements, resignations, leaves of absence and other variables affecting staffing.

State law allows certificated employees to contest their preliminary layoff notices at a hearing before an administrative law judge.  Among the issues discussed is ranking of certificated employees on the LBUSD-prepared seniority list.  With a few limited exceptions, those with the least seniority are subject to layoffs before their more experienced colleagues.

More than 400 employees gathered at the initial layoff hearing on April 12 at Wilson Classical High School.  In all, more than 500 employees have requested hearings.

Additional hearing days were scheduled for April 15, May 3 and May 4.

Once the hearings conclude, the administrative law judge will take the testimony from the school district and teachers under advisement before issuing a proposed decision for consideration by the school board regarding which employees should receive final layoff notices.