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Final Layoff Notices Loom for Teachers

A series of public hearings on layoffs for hundreds of teachers and other certificated employees concludes May 3 to 4 in the Wilson Classical High School auditorium.

More than 800 certificated employees have been notified by the school district that they may be laid off next school year due to state budget cuts.  During the hearing process, an administrative law judge helps to determine which of those employees receive final layoff notices.

Meanwhile the Board of Education’s regular May 4 meeting has been rescheduled to Tuesday, May 11, where the board likely will be asked to approve final layoffs of certificated staff members who did not request a hearing.  These employees would receive their final notices between May 11 and May 14.

Certificated employees who did request a hearing will be notified of their status after the May 15 deadline.  The reason for the delayed notice is that one of the original hearing dates was set for Friday, April 16.  This date was a furlough day for the court system.  Therefore, the April 16 hearing date was continued to May 3 and 4, which pushes back the May 15 deadline to the number of days from April 16 to May 3.  The school board would likely then approve the layoff list of those respondents (employees who are participating in the hearing process), at either the May 18 meeting or at a special meeting that could be called on May 25, depending upon when the administrative law judge submits his decisions.  Respondents will receive their final notices no later than Friday, May 28.