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Teachers Tentatively Agree to Furloughs

The Long Beach Unified School District and the Teachers Association of Long Beach have reached a tentative contract agreement that includes five unpaid furlough days next school year, along with other contract changes, in exchange for the preservation of 200 teaching jobs.

The school district has provided additional details on the tentative agreement, with supporting documents, in an online update.

If TALB’s membership votes for the deal, the Board of Education will consider the agreement for final approval.  The school board would then vote on which 200 employees on the final list of layoff notices would regain their jobs for next year.  In voting on the restoration of jobs, the board would consider seniority rules dictated by state Education Code, along with the ruling of an administrative law judge who is presiding over additional layoff hearings for teachers later this month.

The furlough days would shorten the 2010-11 school year to 175 instructional days, down from 180 this year.  The 175-day school year is the minimum length allowed by law.

The tentative deal is designed to save the school district $12 million as it copes with cuts in state funding for public schools.