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Guest Principals See Schools Firsthand

Nearly 200 guest principals shadowed principals in the Long Beach Unified School District this week during the annual Principal for a Day event, the largest single-day involvement of business and community leaders in local schools.

As Superintendent for a Day, Verizon President Tim McCallion shadowed LBUSD Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser.  Also shadowing Steinhauser was Long Beach City College Superintendent and President Eloy Ortiz Oakley, and Cal State Long Beach President F. King Alexander.  The education leaders joined business leaders in reporting their experiences at a “State of Education” debriefing at the Center Theater in the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center.

At the debriefing, LBUSD earned praise from Verizon’s president, McCallion.

“I’m really encouraged by what I saw and heard today, especially with data gathering, accountability and follow through,” McCallion said.  “If any school district can handle the challenges of the future, it’s Long Beach Unified.”

Verizon’s corporate giving includes education as a top priority. The annual Principal for a Day event allows business and community leaders to become principals for a day at elementary, middle and high schools to observe students, teachers and the operations of California’s third largest school district.  More than 1,000 business partnerships with schools have begun as a result of the event.

TIMELESS LESSON -- Verizon President Tim McCallion shares what he learned while visiting Cleveland Elementary School as Superintendent for a Day.  The visit was part of LBUSD's annual Principal for a Day event.  The most important lesson, said McCallion, is "be a good friend," which is why Verizon supports schools.