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Vaccine Time for Sixth Graders

Sixth graders must now begin a series of three vaccination shots for hepatitis B or they may not be allowed to start school this fall. The new state requirement prevented some students from starting school on time last year. The requirement went into effect last July, which made it difficult for some families to complete the series of immunizations before school started. To get an earlier start, Preteen Vaccine Week will be held statewide January 17 to 23. Parents are urged to begin the first in the series of three immunizations for their children this month. The shots cannot be taken close together, so it’s important to get an early start to be able to complete them this summer. If families do not have health insurance, the hepatitis B vaccine is available for $7.50 per shot from the Long Beach Health Department, 2525 Grand Ave. Families with very low income may qualify for free shots.