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5,600 Students Set to Graduate

Receiving diplomas this month are more than 5,600 high school seniors here.

Poly and Poly Academy of Achievers and Leaders have 1,036 seniors. Wilson will award 931 diplomas; Lakewood, 919; Millikan, 883; Jordan, 640; Cabrillo, 639; EPHS, 245; CAMS, 147; School for Adults, 114; Renaissance, 93; Reid, 85; and Avalon, 43.

CAMS conducts ceremonies on Friday,  June 10.; Cabrillo on Tuesday, June 14; Jordan, Poly/PAAL and Reid on Wednesday, June 15; Lakewood, Millikan, Renaissance, Wilson on Thursday, June 16; and EPHS and School for Adults on Friday, June 17.

Scheduled to present diplomas are:

Avalon—Assistant Superintendent Maggie Webster, 4 p.m., Avalon Casino Theater;

Cabrillo—Superintendent Chris Steinhauser,  6 p.m., Veterans Stadium;

CAMS—Board of Education President Felton Williams, 6 p.m., Millikan High School Auditorium;

EPHS—Board of Education Vice President David Barton, 1 p.m., Lakewood High School Auditorium;

Jordan—Board of Education Member Mary Stanton, 2 p.m., Veterans Stadium;

Lakewood—Assistant Superintendent Jill Baker, 2 p.m., Veterans Stadium;

School for Adults— Superintendent Chris Steinhauser, 1 p.m., Millikan High School Auditorium;

Millikan—Assistant Superintendent Ruth Ashley, 7 p.m., Veterans Stadium;

Poly/PAAL—Board of Education President Felton Williams, 7 p.m., Veterans Stadium;

Reid—Board of Education Member David Barton, noon, Cabrillo High School Small Gymnasium;

Renaissance—Board of Education Member John McGinnis, 3 p.m., Long Beach City College Liberal Arts Campus Auditorium;

Wilson—Board of Education Member Jon Meyer, 5:30 p.m., Stephens Field.