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Cabrillo Launches Ivy League Program

Cabrillo High School has launched a new after-school program, Reach to the Stars, that aims to bring Ivy League grads and industry leaders in science, technology, literature and the arts to Cabrillo students.  The hope is to encourage youth to attend some of the nation’s top colleges and universities.

Cabrillo Co-Principal Alejandro Vega and nationally board certified Spanish teacher Ethel Seminario-Laczko facilitate the program.

“We have had over 80 students attend our after-school events, and the numbers keep growing,” Laczko said.  “Part of the mission here is to demonstrate to the students that Ivy League is definitely within their reach if they set their minds and hearts to it.”

The program has already attracted notable Ivy League and industry leading guests including aerospace engineering experts from MIT and a former senior vice president of production for video game giant Activision who was one of the forces behind the successful game franchises “Call of Duty” and “Guitar Hero.”

Other activities include workshops on leadership, college entrance exams and interviews.