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Incumbents Return After Decisive Vote

Board of Education President Felton Williams and Vice President Jon Meyer kept their board seats last week, each beating opponents by wide margins.

Unofficial election-night results showed Williams, who represents District 2, defeating his sole opponent, Ricardo Linarez, by more than 23 percentage points.  President Williams earned 1,794 votes, or 61.7 percent, with Linarez receiving 38.3 percent.

Vice President Meyer, who represents District 4, defeated sole opponent Naomi Rainey by nearly 50 percentage points.  Meyer earned 4,554 votes, or 74.7 percent, while Rainey received 25.3 percent.  Rainey had announced her withdrawal from the race, but her name still appeared on the ballot.

Meyer has served on the board since 2003, while Williams has served on the board since 2004.