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Burbank Helps Create Street Art

Street banners recently installed on Retro Row, or Fourth Street between Cherry and Junipero avenues, were designed by artist Candice Gawne based upon artwork created by students at Burbank Elementary School.

Gawne was artist-in-residence at Burbank as part of the Arts Council for Long Beach “Eye on Design” public art education program.  

“The Arts Council is proud that students’ vibrant visions for the city and community will be on display for the motorists and pedestrians who travel along Fourth Street,” said John Glaza, interim executive director of the Arts Council. “We hope the colorful and playful images inspire people of all ages.” 

Artist Candice Gawne, who also worked as an artist-in-residence at Burbank, said that she was amazed by the students’ visions for the community when she worked with them in the classroom. 

“It was my pleasure to work with the children’s images, and I found them to be very exciting,” said Gawne. “As an artist, it was my goal to pull the joyful spirit of the childrens’ work and share it with Long Beach, and I feel we accomplished that.” 

Gawne collaborated with graphic artist Eric Lynxwiler to design the banners.

Eye on Design is a program for third-graders that encourages civic involvement, critical thinking and creative problem-solving through a customized residency program. As part of the residency, students learned about the history of their neighborhood, went on field trips to see public art in the East Village Arts District, and created original artwork to beautify their community. 

After the street banners go off display, they will go to Burbank Elementary for use as part of the school’s Garden of the Mind Initiative. The initiative was formed in 2009, when a coalition of community members and school personnel came together to enhance the school grounds.

“It is an honor and pleasure to see our students’ art displayed on Fourth Street for all to see and enjoy,” said Burbank Principal Lorraine Griego.  “This endeavor is cementing the notion that children, too, are a part of the community and have much to offer. The Burbank School community is proud to have a part of the school’s work displayed in our great city.” 


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