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As part of the Long Beach Unified School District’s ongoing efforts to make the wisest use of its limited resources, the school district has been examining the efficiency of its school schedules in grades K-12.  Over the years, the variety of school schedules here has increased significantly, making the district’s transportation services less efficient than they could be with more standardized scheduling.  LBUSD could save more than $1 million in transportation through schedule adjustments.

As part of proposed schedule changes, LBUSD may start the high school day an hour later next school year.  Staff first proposed this idea to the school board at a public meeting in November, in part because of convincing research that shows teens perform better academically when they start school later.  Considering that the school district also has cut non-mandated transportation, a later start time also would allow additional time for students to get to school.  

At its Jan. 29 meeting, the Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education will discuss the revised school schedules that staff is proposing.  Staff is providing the school board with two options (Plan A and Plan B). No action is expected on this matter at the Jan. 29 meeting, but the board may act on this matter at its Feb. 5 meeting.