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Rotary Provides 190,000 Books

Local preschoolers recently thanked members of Long Beach Rotary for donating $6,000 in books to LBUSD’s Child Development Centers.  Each child at the Central Child Development Center selected a book to keep during a visit by Rotarians.

Rotary and the Reading by 9 program are donating more than $37,000 in books to preschoolers and other children in LBUSD this year. By year’s end, the Long Beach Rotary Charitable Foundation will have provided more than 190,000 books, thanks to $390,000 in donations and matching funds, for local students and school libraries since 1999.


BOOKS TO KEEP – Long Beach Rotary President Gregory Haeseler reads with preschoolers at the Central Child Development Center.  Rotary donated more than $6,000 in books to LBUSD's Child Development Centers this year.

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