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Board OKs School Schedules

The Board of Education has approved revised school schedules for the 2013-14 school year.  

Two initial options had been presented to the school board by staff (Plan A and Plan B). After input from more than 2,000 parents, employees, students and others, Long Beach Unified School District staff recommended – and the board unanimously approved – Plan B, with the modifications detailed in the approved agenda item, which includes a school-by-school listing of schedules for next school year.

Plan A would have moved the start time for high schools about an hour later.  Plan B instead will pilot a later start time at the brand new McBride High School that will open in September.

The plan approved by the school board saves more than $1 million in transportation costs by standardizing school schedules.  Over the years, the variety of school schedules here had increased significantly, making the district’s transportation services less efficient than they could be with more standardized scheduling.

The newly approved plan also provides a 40-minute prep period each Thursday for teachers at elementary schools, and it requires schools that change starting times from the 2012 bell schedule to develop action plans to provide supervision of students in the morning.  In addition, the plan calls for the appointment of a committee to research the advantages and disadvantages of a later start time for high schools.  The committee will report its findings to the school board no later than September 2014. Staff had first proposed a later start for high schools, in part because of research that shows teens may perform better academically when they start school later.