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Business Group Honors 17 Schools

Seventeen schools, a new record for the Long Beach Unified School District, were named recently to the California Business for Education Excellence Honor Roll, for overall academic achievement and for reducing achievement gaps among student populations.

The Honor Roll is broken into three parts, the first being Star Schools, or those with significant populations of disadvantaged students who have shown a notable increase in grade-level proficiency.  Making this list were Bryant, Kettering, Longfellow, Los Cerritos and Webster elementary schools; Bancroft and Stanford middle schools; and the California Academy of Mathematics and Science.

The second tier is Scholar Schools, or those that are showing significant levels of academic achievement without a significant population of disadvantaged students.  That list includes Carver, Emerson, Fremont, Gant, Lowell, Naples and Prisk elementary schools; Newcomb K-8 Academy; and Rogers Middle School.

The business group recognized a subset of the Honor Roll that has many low-income students and high levels of math and science achievement.  Among these 100 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Honor Roll schools were CAMS and Kettering.