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Scholarships Reach Record $76 Million

Graduating seniors in the Long Beach Unified School District have earned a record $76.6 million in scholarships and grants this year.  The total is about $24 million more than the previous record set last year and represents more than a four-fold increase since 2007.

Poly High School seniors earned $28.8 million, far surpassing last year’s school record of $18.1 million.  Awards included $400,000 to West Point, $360,000 to Harvard, $265,000 to Northwestern, $247,000 to USC, and $228,000 to MIT.  Other top school acceptances included Princeton, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, Fordham, Brown, Duke, Boston College and all University of California campuses.

California Academy of Mathematics and Science students earned $13.5 million.  Top school admissions included MIT, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, Olin College of Engineering, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, NYU, Pepperdine, Stanford, Yale, Georgetown, Duke, Brown, Harvard, Haverford, Rice, USC, Wellesley, Williams, UC Berkeley and UCLA.

Millikan High School students earned $10.5 million.  School acceptances included Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Columbia, Rochester Institute of Technology, Gonzaga, Embry Riddle, Drexel, Reed, Emerson, NYU, Claremont McKenna, Boston University, George Washington University, Pitzer, Vanguard, Fordham, Purdue, Pepperdine, USC, Michigan State, Texas Christian, and most of the California State University and University of California campuses.

Wilson Classical High School students earned $10.1 million.  Students will attend college in 34 states, the District of Columbia, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Guatemala.  Top school acceptances included all University of California and California State University systems, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Boston College, Syracuse, George Washington, Stanford, NYU, Tulane, Southern Methodist, USC, Bard, Rennselaer, UCLA, Berkeley, Drexel, Rhode Island, Suffolk, Embry-Riddle, Stetson, Baylor, Hobart & William Smith College, Hampton and Le Cordon Bleu.

Lakewood High School students earned $7 million.  Top school acceptances included the U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Naval Academy, most University of California and many California State University campuses, USC, Boston University, University of Connecticut, Drexel, Ohio State, Claremont McKenna, University of Redlands, Chapman, Mount St. Mary’s College, Pepperdine and Occidental.

Cabrillo High School students earned $3.1 million.  School acceptances included UCLA, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, Xavier University, Baylor, and Laguna College of Art and Design.

Jordan High School students earned $2 million, including Gates Millennium and UC Regents scholarships.  Top school acceptances included Occidental, Drexel, Howard, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of the Pacific, Chapman and Cal Poly Pomona.

Avalon High School students on Catalina Island earned $1.3 million.  School acceptances included UCLA, Washington and Lee University, UC Davis, Cal State Long Beach, University of Arizona, Coe College, Ripon College, Westminster College, College of Wooster and Hawaii Pacific University.

Renaissance High School for the Arts students earned $235,000 including President’s (CSULB), UCLA Recognition, and Long Beach Bar Association scholarships.  School acceptances included eight California State University campuses and seven University of California campuses, along with Azusa Pacific, Northern Arizona, Boise State, Loyola Marymount and the New York Film Academy.
Educational Partnership High School students earned $44,000.

Long Beach School For Adults students earned $10,000.

Reid Continuation High School students earned $4,000.

Students districtwide also earned hundreds of non-monetary honors including Rotary Service Above Self, Congressional Art, Most Inspiring Student and National Merit awards.