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Governor Proposes Increase in Funding

Based upon preliminary estimates, Gov. Jerry Brown’s recently proposed state budget would provide 11 percent more funding, or an increase of about $60 million, for the Long Beach Unified School District compared to the prior year.

The additional funding would help LBUSD and the state to progress further toward full implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula for schools, a formula that was approved by the state last year.

“Full implementation is likely to take several more years, but we’re pleased to be discussing the prospect of funding increases rather than the type of severe cuts that public schools suffered as a result of the Great Recession,” said LBUSD Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser.  “The governor’s latest proposal is a significant step toward providing the resources that our students and schools need.”

As always, the initial state budget is the start of a months-long process in Sacramento.  The school district will continue to monitor the state budget situation closely, and ultimately LBUSD’s publicly elected Board of Education will decide how best to spend any additional resources.