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Test Scores Increase; Scoring Glitch Fixed

A test scoring problem was resolved last week to allow the release of Long Beach Unified School District results on the latest Stanford 9 state test. Virtually all districtwide scores increased at every grade level. For the second year in a row, a delay in the local test scores resulted from the test publisher using the wrong norms for year-round schools here. Students on one track were evaluated against norms for traditional calendar schools, where students had 60 more days of instruction before the test date. The district's Research Office caught the error before the scores were scheduled to be released and posted on the Internet. The correction resulted in slightly higher test scores for year-round schools, which could affect their state school rankings and similar school rankings. These rankings are scheduled to be released in October. LBUSD second and third graders improved markedly on all state tests. Fourth through sixth graders showed double-digit gains in math and significant improvement in reading and language. For grades four through 11, improvements were more modest. "We are very pleased that the scores are on the way up," said Chris Steinhauser, LBUSD deputy superintendent. "The second and third grade scores show that the heavy support we put into the primary grades through concentrated support, professional development and materials really paid off."