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LBUSD in eBook on World's Top Schools

The new, free LumiBook, Global Education Study: Six Drivers of Student Success, features the Long Beach Unified School District as one of the five best performing school districts in the world.

The not-for-profit Battelle for Kids, alongside teams of education and business leaders, compiled nearly two years of research to find the practices that top school systems use to accomplish sustained success in student achievement.

This LumiBook presents six educational-improvement strategies that these five school systems (Finland; Hong Kong; Long Beach; Ontario, Canada; and Singapore) use to improve practice in critical areas of education: Early Learning; Personalization and Pathways for Student Success; Teacher Selectivity, Quality, and Growth; Education Linked to Economic Development; and Cultural Expectation of Value.

What's a LumiBook?  Beyond the traditional eBook, a LumiBook is an online reading platform that incorporates multimedia, video clips, discussions and other tools.

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