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Symphony Percussionists Visit Schools

A percussion ensemble from the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra recently presented their "Percussion Paints Pictures" educational program to students at Fremont Elementary School.

The program, now in its 17th year, introduces third graders in local schools to the percussion section of the symphony.

"Percussion Paints Pictures" is about imagery in music, "and showing the kids that when they're listening to music, they can see different pictures in their minds," explained Dave Gerhart, a percussionist with the symphony.  Cymbals are used, for instance, to create the sounds of swords clashing during a sword fight set to the music of Tchaikovsky.

The Long Beach Unified School District's comprehensive music curriculum is enhanced by many educational partnerships with the symphony, which reaches more than 25,000 students annually.



PERCUSSION PAINTS PICTURES – Long Beach Symphony Orchestra percussionists present an educational program to students at Fremont Elementary School.