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Preschoolers Thank Rotary for Books

Local preschoolers thanked Long Beach Rotary members recently for their generous donation of thousands of books to schools and students.  Rotarians in turn read to the preschoolers at the Twain Child Development Center and helped them each to select a book to keep.

With its latest donation of more than $38,000 in books, Long Beach Rotary and its charitable foundation have provided more than $400,000 in books to local students and school libraries since 1999.  The service club’s Reading by 9 program is now surpassing 200,000 books donated and this year is providing $6,000 in Scholastic books for the Long Beach Unified School District’s Child Development Center preschool program, including a book for each of the more than 1,000 preschool children in the program.

Other programs supported by Long Beach Rotary’s book donations this year include Rotary’s traditional Scholastic book grants to several local elementary schools, and $2,000 for three LBUSD schools to buy “best of” series book titles that are among the most popular books with students.  Rotary is continuing to offer e-book purchases as part of a pilot program started last year, and Rotarians recently donated $3,000 toward the school district’s Kindergarten Festivals, along with $1,000 in books for the Centennial Park Easter Egg Hunt.

Long Beach Rotary is the city’s oldest and largest service club.