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Employee of Year: Millikan's 'Mrs. Bea'

Millikan High School Campus Security Officer Beatriz Nieves has earned the Classified Employee of the Year Award for the Long Beach Unified School District. The award was announced during a recent celebration in honor of classified employees.

“I just want to thank everyone. This means a lot to me,” Nieves told the audience upon accepting the award. “I want to thank God for the opportunity that he has given me to be able to live the purpose that my life has, which is to help and serve others.”

The 20-year LBUSD employee was nominated by colleagues who praised her ability to connect with students.

“She has a way of encouraging high school students who may have felt like there was no point in trying harder, dreaming bigger or doing something no one else in their family has done,” one colleague wrote, citing numerous examples of students who have benefitted from Nieves’ wise counsel.

One student was failing classes. Not only did he graduate, but he went on to CSULB where he was president of a campus organization and was among this year’s graduates. He has since spoken at LBUSD functions about mentoring students, and he is organizing his own mentoring program for underprivileged youth. Another student who was on probation in high school brought his grades up and graduated. He went on to serve in the U.S. Marines and is married with a family and working in the music industry. A student who was shy and kept to herself has become more outgoing and aspires to attend college. A student who once contemplated suicide has a renewed outlook.

Many of the students Nieves has helped were on hand for the celebration, cheering for her when she won.

Nieves began her employment with the school district as a child care worker and has worked as a college student aide, instructional aide and transportation aide here.

More than 30 nominations for the Classified Employee of the Year Award were submitted for a total of 15 nominees, with some nominees receiving multiple nominations.

EMPLOYEE OF YEAR – Millikan High School Campus Security Officer Beatriz Nieves earned the 2014 Classified Employee of the Year Award. She was praised by colleagues for her keen ability to connect with students and help them find direction in their lives.