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Graduating Class May Be Best Yet

By Christopher J. Steinhauser
Superintendent of Schools

The 5,800 students graduating from our high schools this week have already exceeded our expectations. They’ve earned more than $95 million in scholarships, shattering the prior record. Some schools have doubled their scholarship amounts in just one year. We salute these students and everyone who has supported them.

We thank the moms and dads and grandparents and guardians who nurtured and supported their children and their schools. We thank our teachers, support staff and administrators, our many business, community and higher education partners, and the private foundations who’ve given generously of their time, talent and funds to support teaching and learning.

Now is a good time for all of us to pause and consider the impact that our collective efforts have upon just one student – the full-ride scholarship to the dream college, the chance to study abroad, the opportunity to pursue a rewarding career. Multiply that effect thousands of times over, year after year, and we begin to appreciate the impact that our organization has upon people’s lives. I can think of no more important work.

To the Class of 2014, we thank you for taking full advantage of the opportunities available in our public schools, and we wish you every success.