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Names in the News

Deborah Bober, a third grade math teacher at Cubberley K-8 School, spent June 4 to 7 in New Orleans participating in TeachFest, a unique professional development event focused on creating high-quality Common Core curriculum resources. She attended the event as part of LearnZillion’s Dream Team of 200 talented math and English teachers.
“I am currently a member of the LBUSD Common Core development and demonstration team producing videos of effective instruction,” Bober said. “I applied to the Dream Team to learn more about Common Core from the inside. I want to truly know that what I am teaching and designing for teachers is the most effective practice grounded in research.”  Learn more about LearnZillion.

Teachers George Foe-Aman and Lynette Foe-Aman of Cabrillo High School traveled to the University of Helsinki in Finland last month to exchange ideas on teaching science, technology, math and engineering. The teachers have been working with Pepperdine University on a Cyberensemble project, which involves Finnish students and Cabrillo students collaborating via the online posting and viewing of classroom videos. In Finland, the Cabrillo teachers also met with the Finnish National Board of Education to learn about the Finnish educational system, which, along with the Long Beach Unified School District, was named among a list of the world’s top five school systems by the national non-profit Battelle for Kids.