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Construction, Renovation Projects Move Ahead

The Long Beach Unified School District is forging ahead with its most ambitious construction and renovation projects in decades. These projects will help accommodate growing enrollment while providing safe, technology-ready classrooms. Already, workers have installed more than 2,000 school windows, enough for about 250 homes. They've replaced 1.2 million square feet of roofing, enough to cover 21 professional football stadiums. They've used more than 5,000 gallons of paint, 420,000 square feet of floor covering for 440 classrooms, 2.1 million square feet of new paving and 380 miles of cable for computers and other technology. All schools will see improvements in the coming months and years, and the school district is working diligently to find appropriate sites to build ten more schools in the decade ahead. Meanwhile the district has taken some immediate steps to make room for all of its approximately 93,000 students. More than 140 portable classrooms were installed during the summer, and construction has begun on buildings that will help ease the enrollment crunch at high schools. Construction has started on the next phase of Cabrillo High School. When completed in two years, Cabrillo will serve more than 3,500 students. The $45 million project will provide Long Beach with its first new high school in 44 years. A Jordan Satellite campus begins construction this year and is scheduled to open September 2001. This satellite of Jordan High School will be located on an eight-acre site in North Long Beach. The school will accommodate 1,200 ninth grade students.