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Names in the News

Bruce McCandless, from the Wilson High School Class of 1954, returned to Wilson to speak with students recently about his experiences as a NASA astronaut. McCandless, the first to experience an untethered space walk in 1984, credited three teachers at Wilson for having a profound impact on him – a German teacher, an English teacher and a chemistry teacher. McCandless lives outside of Denver and was in town for his 60th class reunion.

Lindsay Smith, a special education teacher at Jessie Nelson Academy, received the Sustainability Award from the Mayor of Signal Hill at a recent City Council meeting. The award honored Smith’s after-school work to organize and lead the Seed of Change Environmental Club with students from her school. The club’s main goal is to reduce the amount of waste the school produces annually. Students reduce waste by recycling, composting and donating uneaten food.

Janet Nelson, a student at Cabrillo High School, was featured in the Long Beach Business Journal as a successful participant in the Long Beach Unified School District’s Occupation Job Program in partnership with Community Hospital Long Beach. The program provides workforce training to special education students who are working toward graduation. The Cabrillo student works as a custodian five days a week at Community Hospital. Students in the program usually work one to two hours per day during the school year, and they receive a stipend for their efforts.