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Attendance Rises, Suspensions Drop

Attendance rates are up while the number of suspensions has decreased in local schools. Each month so far this school year has seen an increase in attendance rates compared to the prior year, with November data showing a full percentage point increase. The districtwide attendance rate has now reached 97 percent. Suspensions are down significantly for each month so far this school year. The most recent month of data shows 190 suspensions districtwide, compared to 568 suspensions for the same period last year. That’s a reduction of two-thirds for the period. The Long Beach Unified School District in recent years has implemented incentive programs to improve attendance, and the Board of Education approved a resolution a year ago urging schools to build on their efforts to provide alternatives to suspensions. The newest data were shared publicly by LBUSD’s Office of Research, Planning and Evaluation at a recent school board workshop.