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Event to Address Human Trafficking

A Youth Exploitation Safety Symposium aimed at keeping young people safe from human trafficking is scheduled for 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 31 at Cabrillo High School, 2001 Santa Fe Ave., Long Beach.

The symposium is sponsored by the Long Beach Human Trafficking Task Force in partnership with the Long Beach Council PTA and the Long Beach Unified School District. The event is free and open to parents, educators and students, grades eight to 12. Supervised recreational activities will be provided for children under 13.

More than 40 nonprofit organizations and government agencies will be present to answer questions and provide information. Fifteen workshops will cover issues of human trafficking, safety and empowerment. Translators will be available for participants who speak Spanish, Khmer and Tagalog.

Keynote speaker Nicole Clark will explore media’s negative effects on girls’ self image and self-esteem, from oversexualization to the pressures to be thin and pretty.

More information about the event is available by calling 650-6539 and through the YESS2015 Facebook page: Youth Exploitation Safety Symposium - YESS!

Video: J-Plus Human Trafficking Event