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PTA Prez Gives A-Plus for School Choice

Long Beach Council PTA President Jodie Storey, who represents nearly 19,000 members and 51 PTAs throughout the Long Beach Unified School District, gives the school choice process here an A-Plus.

“It has been my experience, and the experience of many of my personal friends and parents of local students, that ‘school of choice’ here in the Long Beach Unified School District provides just one more option for students to get the best possible education available,” Storey said.

The school district gives priority to neighborhood children when it comes to attending their local school, but also offers a thriving school choice program that allows students to choose schools outside their attendance area.

“While I strongly believe that children should attend neighborhood public schools, and I appreciate that the district provides priority preference to neighborhood students to attend their neighborhood school, because of the school of choice program, one of my three children was able to apply for and attend a school other than our neighborhood school,” Storey continued. “She worked hard to be accepted by maintaining a competitive GPA and doing well on her standardized tests, which I believe provided her the opportunity to attend her school of choice. I know many children who have had interests in drama, music, engineering, math and science, sports, etc. who have applied for and been accepted to schools other than their home or neighborhood school.”

Each year, thousands of parents and students attend school choice fairs and informational nights here. Most recently the Education Celebration held in January to provide information on all elementary and K-8 programs attracted more than 3,500 people at McBride High School. Parents and students also receive numerous online resources to research and apply for school programs, along with reminder phone calls, emails and text messages.

“Our School of Choice program deserves an A-Plus grade!” Storey said.