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L.A. Times Piece Notes LBUSD's Success

A recent commentary piece by education author Richard Whitmire in the Los Angeles Times notes the continued success of the Long Beach Unified School District when compared to other school systems nationally.

Whitmire, in discussing the Broad Foundation’s recent suspension of the Broad Prize for Urban Education, recalls the success he witnessed in 2009 when he was the “project journalist” for the prize. LBUSD is a national winner and five-time finalist for the prize, which recognizes outstanding student achievement and significant reductions in achievement gaps among students from lower-income and higher-income families.

“In the Long Beach Unified School District, I marveled at the success of a community that saw tremendous economic change coming and quickly whipped its schools into shape to deal with that change,” Whitmire wrote.

But what makes Long Beach special, Whitmire observes, is that the school district has continued to improve since earning the nation’s top prize for public education.

“It’s clear to education experts that only a few traditional urban school districts favored with both strong leadership and resources – Long Beach; Charlotte, N.C.; and Tampa and Miami in Florida come to mind – can continue to improve pretty much on their own.”

Whitmire, a fellow at the Emerson Collective, is the author of several education books. Read his full commentary.