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Names in the News

Noel Llopis, teacher on special assignment at Lincoln Elementary School, helped to develop a new Disney math app, Mickey’s Magical Math World, for children ages two to six. Llopis also wrote Disney’s Cinderella and the Lost Mice, a children’s picture book.

Ten teacher librarians attended the 100th anniversary conference of the California School Library Association in San Francisco, where school librarian Kat Tacea of Lafayette earned a $5,000 grant for her school’s library. Nina Jackson of Franklin is the secretary of the state organization and presented a session. Attendees Pamela Oehlman of Poly and Jane Brooks of Cabrillo are representatives for the southern section of the California School Library Association. Other attendees included Crystal Miranda of Library Services, Glenda Culbertson of Henry and Tincher, Christina Maben of Muir and Newcomb, Ryan Noble of Nelson, and Long Beach School Librarians Association President Susan McRoberts of Hamilton and Stanford. Lakewood librarian Sandra Patton served on the conference committee with Board of Education member John McGinnis. Four of LBUSD’s five National Board Certified teacher librarians were recognized (Kat, Pamela, Sandra and Nina). No other school district in California has that many board certified CSLA members. The fifth nationally certified teacher librarian is Donna Sharpe of Avalon.