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Poly Excels at UCLA Business Contest

Poly High School students earned high honors at the semifinals of the annual Project ECHO High School Entrepreneur’s Business Plan Competition this month and will advance to the finals on April 12. The Project ECHO (Entrepreneurial Concepts Hands On), contests are hosted by the Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and UCLA Anderson School of Management.

The competition provides more than 500 Southern California high school students the opportunity to pitch their new business ventures to prominent members of the local business community who serve as volunteer venture capitalist judges. This year, about 100 teams from 16 high schools and academic pathways are competing in this two part competition. Poly’s winning teams, by Poly academy are:


Fondue-to-You (first place - Retail Division) - fondue party catering; Nick Krauel, Quincy Laris, Clara Donovan, Ian Christensen, Patricia Olson, Gisela Martinez, Lanae Caldwell.

LB Tech Center (second place - Retail Division) - nonprofit robotics center focusing on STEM education; Pascha Hao, Sasha Rosenthal, Erin Osman, Nia Kelley, Christine Morrison.

Study Bubble (first place - Tech Division) - app to make learning fun; Becca Gutierrez, Kayla Gibson, Lexi Reker, Abbi Brown, Kennelly Khem, Fiona O'Leary.

Teachers Outsourcing Work (second place - Tech Division) - website to recruit college students to grade and handle copies/bulletins, et al: Austin Law, James Giles, Alex Dunn, Scott Volland, Marco Romero, Luke Posner.

LB Poly Financial Help Center (Jackrabbit Award - Retail Division) - nonprofit, grant-based organization providing financial assistance in tax returns, energy audits and healthcare registration to low-income families; Alyssa Wren, Kaitlyn Frawley, Emma Skinner, Andrew Garcia.

Loaf of Life (Jackrabbit Award - Retail Division) - international bread bakery with 5 percent donations to charity; Clea Stammler, Zenita Leang, Rhiannon Lang, Brenna Knapp, Claire Barr.

Smart Inc. (Jackrabbit Award - Tech Division) - prescription bottle designed to remind users when to take meds linked to app reminder; Hannah Smith (CIC), Zoe Ward (CIC).

Style Me (Jackrabbit Award - Tech Division) - free fashion app to offer personalized outfits; Frankie Huntley, Shana Salem, Taylor Milefchik, Madeline Farmer, Paije Kantor, Isabella Quiroz, Michelle Ly.


S.Y.N.C. (first place - Retail Division) - service for Chinese students to acclimate to U.S. colleges, customs and lifestyles; T'Airra Green, Jason Lim, Garrison Gowens, Romeo Lansang.

AZ Coffee (second place - Retail Division) - Zambian elephant-produced coffee business; Sarah Borbon, Ivery Cody, Domonique Anderson, Keon Littleton.

Mi-News (first place - Tech Division) - service to help teens to learn about and develop interest in news; Christian Santa Ana , Jordan Lagarde, Russell Phosy.

Nomadic Productions (second place - Tech Division) - service to help foreign markets (South Korea) bring humorous, viral ads to the U.S. market; Alexis Ward, Anaya Brown, Gavin Chan.

B-Squared (Jackrabbit Award - Retail Division) - boba business in Chinese ethnic community in Lagos, Nigeria; Brittany Soung, Alison Galza, Kamren Phillips.

Plug-In Marketing (Jackrabbit Award - Tech Division) - helps Spanish Speaking countries expand business into the U.S. market; Natalia Barragan, Reuben Williams, Sammie-Jo Ah-Hong, Jesselle Aguilera.


DNA Shoe Cleaner (first place - Retail Division) - all-in-one shoe cleaning product; Austin Carradine, Desmond Talley.

No Heat Zone (second place - Retail Division) - foot comforter for athlete's foot; Saynida Chan, Elleni Bekele (PACE), Angela Marong.

TradarT (first place - Tech Division) - app to help identify local, unknown artists and to share art and music with the community to reach a global audience; Carlos Ornelas, Johnny Thai (PACE), Sam Ross.

Name That Dog (second place - Tech Division) - app to help owners find a name that fits their pets; Kendall Cascell, Makenna Miller, Julian Skjonsby.

G-6 (Jackrabbit Award - Retail Division) - ear bud untangler; EJ Andrews, Alex Collins, Aiden Johnson.

Nutriti-Life (Jackrabbit Award - Tech Division) - app to help members become healthy and to help design workouts and diet regimens; Dominique Waters, Leah Daniels, Anya Giarla.