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Teachers OK Tentative Deal, 5% Raise

Bargaining teams for the Long Beach Unified School District and the Teachers Association of Long Beach have reached a tentative contract agreement that includes a 5 percent salary increase for teachers retroactive to July 1 of this year.  TALB’s K-12 membership ratified the tentative agreement by a 99.2 percent vote this week, and the Board of Education will likely consider the contract for final approval at its Jan. 5 meeting.

The school board also is likely to consider a similar salary and benefits deal for nonrepresented employees at the Jan. 5 meeting.

Pending the school board’s OK, the target date for retroactive checks to be issued to qualifying employees is Feb. 26.  Then the 5 percent increase would be reflected on subsequent paychecks.  The 5 percent increase also would apply to career increments (longevity), retroactive to July 1, for TALB members and non- represented employees.

When combined with last year’s 5 percent raise and the prior year’s 3 percent raise, the newest agreement would bring the total salary increase to 13 percent over three years for these employees, with no monthly premium co-payment for health plans.

The tentative agreement with TALB includes the adoption of the National Formulary pharmacy plan for the Blue Shield PPO effective July 1, 2016 and provides for a school district subsidy for participation in Weight Watchers as part of LBUSD’s wellness program.  The same pharmacy plan change and Weight Watchers subsidy would hold true for non-represented employees.

Other modifications to the TALB contract include updating CDC/Head Start teacher evaluation language and evaluation forms, salary schedule placement, maternity and paternity leave for child bonding and the school district technology guidelines.  Two District/TALB joint committees would be formed to review the electronic grading and communication systems and review the language for the re-establishment of a Peer Assistance and Review Program.

The new TALB contract would run through June 30, 2018 with reopeners on selected articles each year.

The school district plans to negotiate compensation with the local California School Employees Association chapter in the coming weeks.