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'The Long Beach Miracle'

In an article titled “The Long Beach Miracle,” a national magazine describes “how the working-class California city saved its schools.”

The article in The Atlantic, which this week was named America’s best magazine, features several students who are benefittng from The Long Beach College Promise and other partnerships among the Long Beach Unified School District, Long Beach City College and Cal State Long Beach.

“The results have been so stunning that the city was cited by state lawmakers as a model last week when they unveiled a legislative package called the California College Promise,” wrote Lillian Mongeau of the independent, nonprofit Hechinger Report.  Hechinger produces in-depth education journalism and distributes it to national media such as The Atlantic.  “Were they to pass, the collection of bills would make several of Long Beach’s practices into state policy with the aim of sending more California children to and through college,” Mongeau wrote.

The article in the Washington, D.C.-based publication notes Long Beach’s rising test scores and increasing Advanced Placement enrollment, high school graduation rates and college attendance rates “even as the city’s challenging demographics remained almost unaltered.”

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The Atlantic was named Magazine of the Year this week at the 2016 National Magazine Awards for Print and Digital Media.  The award was presented by the American Society of Magazine Editors at a ceremony in New York City.  The magazine attracted more than 31.5 million unique visitors to its website in November.

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NATIONAL RECOGNITION – Students from local schools tour Long Beach City College as part of the Long Beach College Promise, which continues to earn national attention.  Photo: Lillian Mongeau